Gruszka Consulting Celebrates Five Years in the Produce Industry, Phil Gruszka Discusses

Mon. January 22nd, 2018 - by Kayla Webb

BAKERSFIELD, CA – To get fresh produce off of grocery shelves and into grocery carts, we have our industry’s marketing talent to thank. And, while our industry is ever-changing, marketing teams like Gruszka Consulting continue to bridge the gap between growers and consumers by providing effective marketing strategies to help businesses grow. With the right tricks up its sleeve to get fruits and veggies to jump off grocery shelves and into consumer carts, Gruszka Consulting has tackled fresh ideas and marketing solutions to ensure produce continues to shine. 

This year, Gruszka Consulting reached a new milestone in celebrating its fifth anniversary. I caught up with Owner and CEO Phil Gruszka to talk about the company’s last five years in the produce industry and its future.

Phil Gruszka, Founder, Gruszka Consulting“Five years ago, I had a vision of creating my own business that would help utilize my marketing and sales experience in produce, food, and beverages to help company’s reach their full potential,” Phil tells me. “Throughout my career, I have worked in marketing and new product development, and this new company is an extension of that experience. The results have been great, our business has been increasing every year, and customers continue to come to us again and again, and I have been having a great time doing it.”

Hitting the ground running, Phil attributes his extensive produce industry experience as the key to establishing establish Gruszka Consulting as a one-stop-shop for companies looking to be noticed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Fresh produce at market

“My start in produce was working with Grimmway Farms and Cal-Organic as the Vice President for nine years. Prior to that, I came from a background in brand management in food and beverage. After developing relationships in the produce industry, I started to notice a need for help from individuals and companies that didn’t have seasoned marketing experience,” Phil shares with me. “Over the last couple of years, we have been fortunate to work with great ag related companies.”

Along with Phil’s background in produce, his team’s creative, research, and commodity experience aligns well with the needs of companies looking for marketing innovation and assistance to grow their business.

“I think Gruszka Consulting is different from competitors because of our diverse knowledge and experience,” Phil states. “We have experience in food in a wide range of commodies, as well as the expertise to personalize projects in such a wide range of disciplines, which has been very beneficial for us and our clients.”  

And marketing consulting isn’t the only business Phil has started in our industry.

“I actually started two companies,” Phil reveals. “Gruszka Consulting and a spice company as a labor of love. I have always been very passionate about food and cooking. Several years ago, I developed a spice blend called Phil’s 21™ that is currently in retail locations in California as well as on our own website,, and on Amazon and Walmart. It’s an amazing product that I am very proud of.” 

Phil's 21 Spice Rub

After hitting this milestone, Phil assures me there are only bigger and better things on the horizon for Gruszka Consulting. With possible plans to expand beyond produce and into the plant-based heath trend arena that is so popular with consumers this year, Phil believes the opportunities within our industry will continue to get better.

“Produce and its related products have the ability to get people excited, and I’d like to wow consumers with ideas and products that are new that the industry isn’t even thinking about yet. As a company, we want to continue to help other companies bring new products that currently don’t exist to the marketplace,” Phil says.

As someone who has accomplished so much in so little time, I ask Phil if he has any advice for those who are just starting out.

“If you have a vision, it really comes down to determination and going after your goals,” Phil shares. “That mindset helps not only with new businesses but established businesses as well. Setting a goal for the future and doggedly continuing to go after it, despite good or bad times, will serve anybody well in business and in life.”

Congratulations Phil and Gruszka Consulting, and here’s to many more years wowing the produce industry! 

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