Highline Mushrooms' Stephanie Myles Chats About CPMA

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Tue. March 26th, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

MONTREAL, CANADA - Ok, show of hands, who’s psyched for CPMA’s annual Convention and Trade Show? If any of you didn’t raise your hands, shame on you! The CPMA convention is a golden opportunity for anyone attending, as worlds collide on the show floor—retailers, and growers, and consumers, oh my! Highline Mushrooms is prepped and ready to go when it comes to seizing this opportunity, relishing the chance to interact with customers from a business and personal perspective. I spoke with Stephanie Myles, Marketing Specialist for Highline Mushrooms, who dished about connections, innovation, and demand.

Stephanie Myles, Marketing Specialist, Highline Mushrooms“It’s a great opportunity for us to have direct interactions with store managers and consumers to get their feedback on our product and new innovations,” Stephanie said.

According to Stephanie, Highline Mushrooms has been a pioneer in the mushroom industry for over 50 years and is well known as a company that brings innovation to the category and provides superior-quality mushrooms to consumers. She went on to drop some serious ‘shroom creds—not only is the company the largest producer of mushrooms in Canada; it’s the largest organic mushroom grower in the world!

CPMA is an opportunity for Highline Mushrooms to interact with customers both on a business and personal level

At the conference, the company will be focused on continued innovation in regards to convenience and consumer, as well as new and exciting product concepts that the company has in the works.

Highline Mushrooms recognizes the unique opportunities within the Canadian market, embracing what makes that market so special.

“The Canadian market offers the opportunity to continue driving demand of fresh mushrooms by leveraging on food trends such as the blend and the health attributes of mushrooms, in addition to value added and convenience products,” said Stephanie.

Highline Mushrooms plans to leverage on food trends to drive the demand of fresh mushrooms

She went on to explain that there are great opportunities consumer-wise to educate consumers on the variety, flavor, and cooking versatility of mushrooms to make a case for more mushrooms on their plates.

It’s not hard to see how Highline Mushrooms’ success stems from its outlook and consumer-centric approach.

“We are a forward-thinking company that strives for innovation in the mushroom category, always with our consumers’ needs in mind,” Stephanie concluded.

Highline Mushrooms will be kicking it at booth #606, ready to answer all your ‘shroom questions and show off its high-quality offerings.

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