Honeybear Brands Brings First Kiss Back to Apple Lovers

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Thu. August 1st, 2019
- by Lilian Diep     

ELGIN, MN - The name First Kiss draws to mind something sweet, innocent, and romantic. Put it on an apple, however, I'm thinking a sweet and juicy crunch as I bite into the skin. Well, Honeybear Brands delivers just that: a mouth-wateringly tart and juicy apple with a firm, crisp bite and an eye-catching, deep scarlet skin that really stands out in stores. Now that it's August again, this premium variety is coming back to stores, much to the pleasure of many retailers and customers.

Don Roper, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Honeybear Brands“We’re spreading the love,” said Don Roper, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “If last year was about a fleeting first kiss, then this year is a little more like going steady. Our orchards are maturing each season and producing more and more of this amazing new fruit, so we’re able to ship–still in very limited supply–to a few retail partners outside of Minnesota who really want to try something that will wow their apple loving customers.”

First Kiss, the all-new variety that debuted in 2018, is back on retailers’ shelves later this month

According to the press release, the all-new variety debuted in 2018 with very limited supply and then sold out within days of its launch. First Kiss, grown sustainably by Honeybear Brands’ second- and third- generation family growers across Minnesota, is slated to hit retailers’ shelves later this month. The small farms result in an amazing tasting apple that delivers the highest quality season after season. Born from the same home as the Honeycrisp, the apple delivers a top-notch flavor and a satisfying bite.

Kristi Harris, Brand Manager, Honeybear Brands“First Kiss is first in name and nature,” added Kristi Harris, Brand Manager. “It’s an early season apple, arriving months before the likes of fresh new Honeycrisp is picked and shipped to stores, so it really now marks the opening of the premium apple season and it gives retailers a watershed moment to promote and sell an exciting, new addition to the premium apple deck.”

Seeing as Honeybear Brands has produced the likes of Pazazz and RiverBelle, one could only expect nothing less from this premium variety to bring in customers coming back for more. First Kiss is available in major retail banners across North America. Based on last year's sales, I'm going to be first in line outside of the produce entrance. For more updates on all the newest varieties, keep following ANUK.

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