Hood River Cherry Company Brings Exceptional Cherries to Market with Precise Care

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Mon. June 26th, 2017 - by Laura Hillen

HOOD RIVER, OR - Not your average fruit, Hood River Cherry Company’s cherries are exceptionally different. Dark, large in size, crunchy, and sweet, one bite of the firm flesh of a Hood River Cherry Company cherry makes a loyal customer for life

Grown on the base of Mount Hood, this mystical region provides the perfect cool temperatures, high elevation, and fresh mountain water that cherries crave. Nestled in the mountain’s protective foothills with cool nights and chilled irrigation produces a longer growing season, enabling Hood River Cherry Company cherries to soak up more nutrients and sweetness making them unlike any other cherry on the market.

Hood River Cherry Company Cherries

Tree ripened to 21 brix, a Hood River Cherry Company cherry’s sweetness is no coincidence. Tenderly growing, handpicking, and packing its cherries with care for decades, Hood River Cherry Company’s family-run team knows the precise care it takes to pick each cherry at the peak of ripe perfection and safely deliver them to loyal customers around the world. 

Hood River Cherry Company Cherries

Working hard day and night to pick their cherries at the pinnacle of ripeness, Hood River Cherry Company tests the sugar level of its beloved stonefruit daily, affirming its sweetness, firmness, and overall taste is at peak perfection before finally being handpicked and overnighted to customers, retail outlets, and distributors worldwide.

Make your produce department a destination and mesmerize consumers with the sweetest, largest, crispest cherries on the market from Hood River Cherry Company; flavor unlike anyone else.

Hood River Cherry Company