Hood River Cherry Company Showcases Classic Cherry Practices

Thu. May 26th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

HOOD RIVER, OR - Demand for Hood River Cherry Company’s tree-ripened, high elevation cherries is growing to a worldwide cult following, and with good reason.

In a world where everything seems to move faster and faster, we grow cherries worth waiting for the old-fashioned way. Hood River Cherry Company cherries grow on the tree until their sugar level reaches at least 21 brix, far above the 15 brix starting point that the rest of the industry uses. That means sweeter, juicier, riper cherries—Mother Nature’s Magic on a stem.

Why are our cherries so good? Cool summer nights in our orchard, located high on the slopes of Oregon’s Mt. Hood, mean the cherries have more time to mature, resulting in fruit that is sweeter and bigger than traditional cherries. Because of our high-elevation, we provide cherries later in the season. We produce half the tonnage per acre compared to other orchards, ensuring each cherry is packed with more nutrients, more sugar, and more flavor.

Many in the commercial cherry industry are focused on optical sorting and increasing the use of technology to harvest, sort, and get their fruit to market. Not Hood River Cherry Company. When our cherries are finally ready for harvest, our workers pick, sort, and pack cherries within an hour. Unlike our competition, we size and pack fruit by hand, which eliminates bruising. Every box we ship contains hand-selected fruit that is size 10.5 row and larger.

Our cherries are ready to deliver to your stores the morning after picking, packed in the highest-grade boxes and packaging materials to preserve the impeccable quality. The result? Your customers enjoy outstanding cherries, fresh from the orchard, in the perfect state of ripeness.

Our Bings, Rainiers, and Lapins are consistently praised as the best-tasting cherries on the market. The Lapin cherry, with its ability to withstand our high-elevation winters, continues to out-perform all others year-after-year in sugar level, firmness, and flavor.

We set our standards high and refuse to cut corners. That’s why every year our customers wait for their chance to enjoy Hood River Cherry Company cherries — a seasonal, tasty treat. Hood River Cherry Company: a family-owned orchard producing the country’s best cherries since 1996.

Hood River Cherry Company