Hudson River Fruit Distributors Celebrates its 55th Season, Reports Great Quality and Volume

Fri. August 17th, 2018 - by Kayla Webb

HUDSON VALLEY, NY - For me, there’s no clearer sign that autumn is fast approaching again than driving home on a weekday evening and seeing the soccer fields full of kids practicing—and lately, I haven’t seen an empty field. And with the coming of fall means the coming of apple season, aka the best sideline snack is back! For Hudson River Fruit, it’s not just any other apple season—it’s the company’s 55th!

With crop expected to start hitting retail by early September—just in time for games to kick-off—I caught up with Alisha Albinder, Owner/Operator of Hudson River Fruit Distributors to learn more.

Alisha Albinder, Owner-Operator, Hudson River Fruit Distributors

“We’re coming into harvest over the next couple of weeks. So far, we’ve seen great quality and a healthy, clean crop with good color and volume. We’re super excited for this season to start and to continue supplying top-notch apples to our loyal customers.” Alisha tells me. "If you’re looking for the perfect fall snack, be sure to check out our Lil' Chief Brand Apples, which launched two years ago and have seen major growth and success with its 2 lb pouch bag. They are the perfect 'small-sized' snacking fruit, great for kids and adults!"

Hudson River Fruit's Lil' Chief Brand Apples have experienced major growth with its back-to-school friendly 2 lb pouch bag

Alisha also tells me that exclusive club varieties like SnapDragon and RubyFrost are stirring up lots of excitement within the company and that retailers in the New York metro area, the Midwest, and the eastern seaboard are in for a real treat. This season, Hudson River Fruit is also pushing Honeycrisp, Gala, Fuji, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Cortland, and more.

“We are family-owned and operated and are 55 years in business this year, which is something we are so proud of. To make sure consumers know exactly who is supplying their apples and the story behind it, we offer retailers pop-up bins that emphasize the fact that we’re local and New York-grown. We love promoting our family farms in the Hudson Valley,” Alisha says.

Hudson River Fruit Distributors celebrates its 55th apple season this year

And if you’re wondering what’s better than enjoying a crisp, juicy apple on the sidelines, it’s enjoying a locally-grown, crisp, juicy apple on the sidelines. I don’t make the rules.

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