Hudson River Fruit Distributors Recognizes Pat Ferrara for 15 Years of Sales and Service

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Wed. August 15th, 2018 - by Jessica Donnel

MILTON, NY - I think we all can agree, it takes a lot of dedication to give fifteen years of one’s life to a cause. For Pat Ferrara, that cause is Hudson River Fruit. Now, the company is recognizing those many years of dedication, honoring Ferrara’s exceptional sales and service. Before joining Hudson River Fruit in 2003, Ferrara spent over four decades in multiple sides of the produce industry, working his way up to make himself an integral member of the business.

“He is a dedicated employee whose ties and interests are deeply rooted in the produce industry,” the company shared in a press release. “Hudson River Fruit is fortunate to have him on board. We thank him for his many years with us!”

Ferrara has over four decades of produce industry experience, the last fifteen of which he has spent with Hudson River Fruit

According to a press release, Ferrara started his career at 14 years of age, picking “drop” apples for a local farmer for five cents a box. Next, at the age of 16, he became a produce clerk at Food Fair Supermarkets. Ferrara noted that working at Food Fair through college was a great opportunity for him to absorb produce knowledge that would support him throughout his career.

Pat Ferrara, Sales, Hudson River Fruit DistributorsThrough hard work and perseverance, Ferrara was able to become a partner in a Farmers Market in the Hudson Valley after college, where he remained for the next 10 years. Ferrara began one of his more high profile produce jobs in 1983, when he joined Bozzuto’s as a Produce Merchandiser. His tenure there was 17 years.

Now, in Ferrara’s current role, he manages all domestic sales accounts, food shows, promotions, and sales orders at Hudson River Fruit.

Congratulation to Ferrara from AndNowUKnow on 15 fruitful years with another excellent produce business!

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