Increased Volumes Expected as Giumarra Companies Enters Third Season Supplying Lemonade™ Variety Apples

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Thu. May 17th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LOS ANGELES, CA - As the exclusive North American supplier for the rising apple star variety Lemonade™, Giumarra Companies is looking toward both increased volumes and renewed marketing objectives for the fruit.

Jason Bushong, Division Manager, Giumarra Wenatchee

“We know from market research that apples are still one of consumers’ most-purchased items in the produce department. Consumers are seeking new, exciting flavors and Lemonade is a unique variety that fits the bill,” Jason Bushong, Division Manager for Giumarra Wenatchee, said in a press release. “It’s a striking yellow apple, and the flavor is refreshing and tangy-sweet with a hint of effervescence.”

To boost consumer awareness and help your shoppers maximize the benefits of the New Zealand-grown variety, the company’s Regional Business Director, Gary Caloroso explained a new aid available to them.

Gary Caloroso, Regional Business Director, Giumarra Companies

“We recently launched as a tool for consumers to learn more about what sets this flavorful, golden-yellow apple apart in the produce department,” Caloroso said. “We look forward to helping our retail customers increase sales by leveraging our website and providing additional marketing support such as in-store creative materials, demos, and social media.”

Lemonade™ Apples, exclusively supplied in N. America by Giumarra Companies

Currently grown solely in New Zealand with plans to expand to North American growing regions, Bushong cited the apple’s fresh crop attributes as a differentiating factor in a recent press release.

“Our fresh crop Lemonade apples have an outstanding texture that delivers an elevated eating experience to consumers to keep them coming back for repeat purchases all season long,” Bushong said.

The first Lemonade apple shipments are set to arrive in both East and West Coast ports at the end of May and will conclude in August.

Giumarra Companies Lemonade™ Apples