Ippolito International's Dan Canales and Katie Harreld Talk Brussels Sprouts Market

Tue. March 10th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MEXICO - One of the great triumphs for produce in recent history, in my humble opinion, is the U.S.’s discovery of how to enjoy Brussels sprouts, boosting demand for what was once a very underestimated vegetable.

Ippolito International’s Sales Manager, Katie Harreld, and Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Processing, Dan Canales, took some time to discuss the current seasonal outlook for this up-and-comer, as well as the increasing opportunities it provides produce purveyors.

Katie Harreld, Sales Manager, Ippolito International“We expect the Salinas/Castroville, California, deal to begin at the end of June, although the Mexico program will still be in progress, so there’s going to be overlap as far as shipping locations go for a couple of months,” Katie says. She adds that, with a steady supply available, spring promotions are highly recommended.

Whether whole, halved, or shaved, foodservice or retail, demand is climbing for Brussels sprouts according to Ippolito International

Both team members emphasize that Brussels sprouts are now a fan favorite, and the industry is obliging. While sales typically peak in the winter months, Katie shares that careful management of multiple growing regions has yielded quality sprouts year-round.

Dan Canales, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Processing, Ippolito International“Demand for value-added Brussels sprouts continues to grow,” Dan comments, continuing to maintain a close watch on customer interest from both a foodservice and retail perspective. “As restaurants cater to evolving consumer tastes, we’ve seen an increased interest in processed, pre-washed sprouts, whether the format is whole, halved, or shaved. There are endless creative ways to present these on the plate, and it seems that customers are eager to add them to their menus.”

Ippolito International’s current production is based out of Mexico, which the team says continues to drive good volume with firm supply and nice, consistent quality. As spring quickly approaches, AndNowUKnow will report on all that blooms throughout the fresh produce industry.

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