Ippolito International's John Landa Details Winter Cauliflower Market

Tue. January 12th, 2021
- by Anne Allen     

SALINAS, CA - Cruciferous veg reigns supreme in my household—and I know this holds true for many American households. Cauliflower rules over this veg kingdom, with its multiple applications and health benefits. I sat down with John Landa, Ippolito International’s Cauliflower Commodity Manager, to learn more about the state of the market and what buyers can expect in the upcoming weeks.

John Landa, Cauliflower Commodity Manager, Ippolito International“Now is a good time to load up on cauliflower,” John began. “If you can purchase volume, deals are becoming available. Folks are back on the ‘health-wagon’ after an indulgent holiday season, and cauliflower is still one of the most popular, low carb alternatives for consumers.”

The cauliflower market is currently coming off of a three-week hiatus due to decreased supply. Cooler weather has held back the crop, although John told me that more volume is expected to enter the pipeline very soon.

As cauliflower volumes enter the pipeline, Ippolito International's John Landa urges retailers to start stocking up on this cruciferous veg

“Cauliflower quality is good with current cool weather trends. The only issue is smaller sizing overall, although we do anticipate normal production volumes and sizing within the next few weeks,” he noted. “The market trends are similar to YOY, and right within personal expectations. We do have the somewhat typical market swings and temporary price adjustments for this time of year, due to cooler ground temperatures in the desert. The current pricing average is trending mid- to high- teens.”

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