Jacobs Farm del Cabo's Danielle Loustalot Teases Packaging and Product Showcase at Organic Produce Summit

Mon. August 9th, 2021 - by Chandler James

SANTA CRUZ, CA - Conversations surrounding organics are ramping up. Maybe it is because Organic Produce Summit (OPS) 2021 is quickly approaching, or perhaps we are witnessing a pivotal shift in the sector. Either way, Jacobs Farm del Cabo is making its voice heard, ramping up for the show with a whole host of supply chain advancements.

Danielle Loustalot, Marketing Manager, Jacobs Farm del Cabo“We have new packaging launches, sustainability initiatives, and more coming down the pipeline, and OPS provides an energizing space to share these with likeminded people,” said Danielle Loustalot, Marketing Manager. “We’re looking forward to seeing how the rest of the organic industry is shifting to meet growing demand for social and environmental responsibility, greener alternatives in packaging and farming, and exceptional organic produce.”

The supplier will showcase many of its top-selling, fall-season del Cabo and Jacobs Farm brand products at the event, including most of its delicious cherry tomato varieties, peppers, and veggies, as well as fresh basil, rosemary, and more.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is ramping up to showcase a whole host of supply chain advancements at Organic Produce Summit (OPS) 2021

Additionally, Jacobs Farm will exhibit its paperboard pack—a new paper-based clamshell introduced in May of this year—at both its booth and the Sustainable Packaging Innovations Showcase. The company has received positive feedback on this new pack style, and it is poised to spur engaging industry conversations as soon as it hits the show floor.

“We like to describe our new del Cabo paperboard pack as ‘as clean and green as it gets.’ The pint pack is made with 100 percent recycled paperboard and provides a clear view of the product inside with a plant-based, cellulose window that is certified compostable both commercially and at home,” Danielle continued.

Not only does this packaging diversify retail shelves, but it builds on a broader company climate change initiative called the ClimateLab™. This initiative is aimed at both mitigating Jacobs Farm’s impact and developing tools to face the implications of climate change.

Jacobs Farm will also be exhibiting its paperboard pack—a new paper-based clamshell introduced in May of this year—at both its booth and the Sustainable Packaging Innovations Showcase

“The introduction of our paperboard is part of a steady shift toward more sustainable materials and, in this year alone, it’s projected to reduce our company’s plastic waste by half a million pounds,” Danielle told me.

This is one of many positive metrics that Jacobs Farm will share at OPS. It will be the company’s first in-person trade show since the start of the pandemic, and having the chance to talk organics in its own backyard is the cherry on top of recent sector excitement.

Be sure to visit Jacobs Farm del Cabo at booth #125 for all of this and much more.

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