Jasmine Vineyards Debuts Grapes To Go™ and "They're Not Just Cute Campaign"

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Mon. June 11th, 2018 - by Anne Allen

DELANO, CA - California table grapes are a fruit staple. Whether they’re wrapped in a child’s lunchbox, or taken to work as an afternoon snack, table grapes remain in consumers’ hearts and minds through summer and fall. For third-generation grape growers, Jasmine Vineyards, providing fresh grapes and exciting consumers with updated varieties, has been at the forefront of the company’s business model since its inception in 1947. The Delano-based company continues to expand its program and packaging line, looking to connect with both trade and consumer audiences.

Jasmine Vineyards vineyards

Jasmine Vineyards is kicking off the 2018 California table grape season with new varieties Alison, Sweet Globe, and Summer Crunch.  In addition, the company is debuting its GrapesToGo™, a single-serve, resealable bag, along with They’re Not Just Cute campaign—calling attention to increased demand for fresh fruit snacks in the convenience store and retail market space, a trend that President Jon Zaninovich anticipated early.

Jon Zaninovich, President, Jasmine Vineyards“The U.K. convenience stores were carrying these little bags and they were flying off the shelves,” Jon shared. “With millennials driving demand for quality whole fruit snacks in the U.S. and abroad, the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. It’s an exciting and promising addition to our line of bags, punnets, and clamshells.”

The 125-gram GrapesToGo™ bag features grapes on-the-vine for a longer shelf life, and are available in red, black, or green.

 “Our goal is to strike a balance between consumer preference for big, crunchy seedless grapes with brilliant, shatter-resistant varieties,” said Jon. 

"They're Not Just Cute" Campaign

Retailers looking to be kept abreast of news in packaging and new varieties can follow updates from Jasmine Vineyards through its Fresh Alerts™ email service. In its second year, Fresh Alerts™ delivered a new video every week to produce buyers. Videos showcased the company’s latest crop, with commentary and measuring of grape size, sugar brix content, and more.

“Our trade customers can then order from their device of choice, making the buying process that much easier,” Jon continued.

Along with this email service program, social media is another tool the company has been using with success in recent years, particularly Instagram. 

“We’re proud to show the world where Jasmine Vineyards grapes come from,” Jon said. “We have an incredibly hard-working crew, and social media has allowed us to publicly recognize our employees for their skill and dedication.” 

Grape skewers

At the end of the day, Jasmine Vineyards is about quality. “Our job extends way beyond the field, but nothing deters us from quality,” Jon concluded. “Every season we are striving to deliver on our promise of quality grapes with personalized service. That’s why people write to us—not just because of the pretty packaging.”

I don’t know about you, but I want my hands on some of those California grapes!

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