Jim Pandol & Company Launches Certified Organic Sweet Babies Grapes

Tue. August 19th, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura

SELMA, CA - Jim Pandol & Company has announced that it is launching Certified Organic Sweet Babies grapes as a companion to its conventional offerings.

These grapes offer a unique look and flavor and will be packaged in beautiful packaging designed to be attractive to both shoppers and children.  The packaging also features a QR code that directs to the teacher tour website which explains the product more fully and Jim’s signature to take personal responsibility for the product.

With a focus on staying natural, the variety that the company uses to produce the Sweet Babies is the Thompson seedless. This variety exists from nature and was not created in a breeding program.

Both of Jim Pandol’s conventional and organic Sweet Babies are grown without growth hormones. Though small in size, the flavor of the grape is concentrated and intensified in the sweet little berry.

Jim Pandol & Company