JV Smith Companies Names Israel Morales as New Executive Director of Sustainable Operations

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Thu. September 5th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

YUMA, AZ - JV Smith Companies has welcomed a new team member recently who will bring decades of industry experience to his new role. Israel Morales has been tapped as the company’s new Executive Director of Sustainable Operations, and with over 45 years in farming, and more than 30 years in organic farming specifically, it would seem that Morales is well suited for the job.

Israel Morales, Executive Director of Sustainable Operations, JV Smith Companies“I believe that sharing what I’ve learned with the industry, with schools, with future generations is not only my honor, but my responsibility,” said Morales. “The future generations need to be well informed about initiatives for food safety, crop rotation and production, and responsible sustainability.”

Morales has over 45 years in farming, and more than 30 years in organic farming specifically

In the new position, Morales will oversee all of JV Smith Companies’ sustainability practices as the company continues to develop and enhance those operations at every level. Morales will also take a role on the national stage as he shares his wisdom and experiences to assist with research programs to evolve the entire industry.

Vic Smith, Owner and CEO, JV Smith Companies“Our team is dedicated to creating a natural growing environment with the least amount of impact to the earth,” commented Owner and CEO, Vic Smith in a press release. “Israel stands out in this industry as a natural leader in sustainability with his unparalleled passion for growing in harmony with the environment. We couldn’t be prouder to share his vision and his experience to the industry as we all move forward collectively to make this a better place for future generations.”

Morales recently received the Organic Farmer of the Year award by the Organic Trade Association, so he brings some serious creds to his new position. JV Smith Companies puts a high priority on sustainable operations in the organic fields. As stewards of the land, water, and air, the JV Smith team recognizes and appreciates the ground and environment that makes growing fresh, high-quality produce possible.

Congratulations to Israel on his new position!

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