Lakeside Produce Marketing Manager Dean Scott Discusses the Uniqueness of Blushes Variety

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Wed. December 28th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

LEAMINGTON, ON – It seems as though innovation is never over for the flavor profiles that can take over our industry. As Lakeside Produce can attest, over a year of development has gone into its new variety of snacking tomatoes, Blushes.

As Lakeside Marketing Manager Dean Scott recently told me, the company has been perfecting the variety’s seed in order to create a lasting impact in the industry, and in consumers’ baskets as well.

Dean Scott, Marketing Manager, Lakeside Produce“Blushes are a natural variety that blends a classic cherry tomato flavor with fruity and sweet notes,” Dean tells me. “It’s exciting to watch the consumers’ eyes open wide when they try them for the first time and get hooked. We’re immensely proud of this tomato.”

Dean says that Lakeside Produce’s growers remain incredibly dedicated with their practice and attention to detail, resulting in an end product that boasts a memorable crunch, sweet flavor, and “snackability.”

“Everyone that tasted the Blushes on the PMA show floor loved the flavor and snap of each bite,” Dean says, describing the 14 foot tall wall of Blushes the company brought to PMA Fresh Summit, with over 400 clamshells of the offering.

To bolster its portfolio even further, Dean divulges that Lakeside Produce is building upon its marketing initiatives to increase brand visibility. Additionally, the company is partnering with select retailers to put Blushes in taste and flavor spotlights in order to increase consumers’ access to the product.

“Lakeside Produce has also recently completed construction of a new lit greenhouse that will allow us to harvest Canadian-grown product year-round,” Dean says.

Having won a gold medal for its Blushes in the 2016 Best Hothouse Specialty Tomato category in the 2016 Greenhouse Competitions, Lakeside Produce is looking forward to the opportunities to showcase the variety in 2017. 

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