Limoneira's PA Puckerface Challenge for Hunger Awareness Coming Soon

Thu. September 10th, 2015
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

SANTA PAULA, CA - Limoneira, in a partnership with Produce Alliance, is sponsoring the PA Puckerface Challenge, a new social media campaign to raise funds for, and to promote awareness of, childhood hunger in America. 

Puckerface ChallengeKicking off on September 18 in a campaign similar to the popular ice bucket challenge, both adults and children are encouraged to participate. In the PA Puckerface Challenge, participants start by biting into a lemon to show their best “puckerface.” PA Puckerface Challenge champions then post the videos or photos onto social media with the hashtag #PApuckerface and a short caption about childhood hunger while nominating three friends and family members to also complete the challenge and to donate.

A sample caption for users’ posts could be: “Over 20% of children in America live in food insecure households. I’m showing my puckerface to raise awareness for childhood hunger across America. I nominate (@friend) (@friend) (@friend) to show their #PAPuckerface for #KidHungerAwareness.” 

Watch one family's video below:

According to a press release, both Limoneira and Produce Alliance will combine their network of over 20,000 food industry partners to engage in the PA Puckerface Challenge. In addition, they will collect donations through the Produce Alliance Foundation to donate to various local and national organizations dedicated to fighting childhood hunger.

Over 20 percent of children in America equaling over 16.2 million, live in food insecure households and struggle with hunger, the USDA reports. To join the fight against childhood hunger, make a donation through the Produce Alliance Foundation. For more information about the PA Puckerface Challenge, please visit

Limoneira Show Me Your Puckerface