LIV Organic™ Produce's Anthony Innocenti Discusses a Tight Squash Market

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Thu. August 25th, 2022 - by Chandler James

CAPISTRANO BEACH, CA - We may still be making our way through the end of August, but consumers like myself have never been more ready for the fall season. Hard squash is a sure sign that autumn has arrived in my kitchen, and LIV Organic™ Produce is locked and loaded with a full lineup of beloved varieties.

Anthony Innocenti, Managing Partner, LIV Organic™ Produce“The market is much, much tighter than in years past for sure, and it will remain that way heading into the fall and holiday season. Pricing seems to be up by more than 20 percent over last year,” relayed Anthony Innocenti, Managing Partner, peeling back the layers of a dynamic squash market.

In light of tighter supplies and higher pricing, I asked Anthony whether demand for hard squash is still on the rise. He noted that as consumers get more creative in the kitchen, demand for the category continues to increase.

“We are just launching our new crop in California,” he added. “Our acreage is up, but we are hearing there will be a much shorter supply this year overall due to labor and water issues.”

LIV Organic™ Produce is locked and loaded with a full lineup of beloved hard squash varieties to help retailers ramp up for rising holiday demand

LIV Organic is ready for the fall and holiday season with a full lineup of hard squash: Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, Kabocha, Pie Pumpkins, and Spaghetti.

“Our Butternut squash is some of the best in the business; the flavor and internal color of this squash speaks for itself!” Anthony told me on a final note.

Retailers, be sure to make room in the produce department for these mouthwatering varieties. The register rings will speak for themselves!

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