London Fruit's Kalani Jaime and Jerry Garcia Discuss Current Mango Season and Approaching Viva Fresh

Wed. April 19th, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

PHARR, TX - With the Viva Fresh Produce Expo rapidly approaching, the produce industry has Texas on the brain. With that spirit in mind, I checked in with Pharr, Texas’ own London Fruit to see what the company has in store for those who stop by booth #500.

Kalani Jaime, Project Manager, London Fruit“London Fruit was the first company committed to Viva Fresh,” explains Project Manager Kalani Jaime. “We always love attending this show—the timing is perfect to get in front of our customers and new prospects, and being able to exhibit our 100% grown in Mexico products at a Southwest-based show is a huge bonus for us.”

Now about to begin the second half of its mango season out of Michoacán, Nayarit, and Sinaloa, London Fruit will again have its full line of Atualfo, Haden, and Tommy varieties at the booth. While this has been an unusual year for Mexican mangos, with fluctuations in timing and pricing, London Fruit is optimistic about its position in the market.

Jerry Garcia, Sr. Vice President and Sales Manager, London Fruit“London Fruit has always been able to maintain a strong market share because of how much personal attention we give our customers,” Jerry Garcia, Sr. Vice President and Sales Manager, tells me. “We’re very hands on with all of our products, making sure you get the best quality and service, as well as providing custom packs to meet your needs.”

To better serve its customers, London Fruit is able to repack its products in retail packages tailored best to suit customer’s needs. The company can pack its selections in clamshells, bags, or any other specialty packs to ensure that its Mexican grown mangos, avocados, and limes receives a high-quality pack.

“We invite our friends, our current customers, and new visitors alike to check in with London Fruit at Viva Fresh and see all of our quality products first-hand,” Kalani added.

Follow Kalani’s advice and make sure to stop by booth #500 this weekend. See you all there!

London Fruit