Mann Packing Launches New Snacking Favorites Vegetable Trays

Thu. January 21st, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

SALINAS, CA – Mann Packing is launching new vegetable trays to capitalize on the growing excitement for Super Bowl 50.

These new, innovative trays will be launched under the Mann’s Snacking Favorites brand, and include the following varieties:

  • Veggie Ranch – carrots, celery, and broccoli served with ranch dip (16.4 oz)
  • Veggies 4 Kidz – carrots, celery, and cheddar crackers served with ranch dip (16 oz)
  • Cheddar Trail – carrots, celery, cheddar cheese cubes, and trail mix served with ranch dip (23 oz)
  • Veggie Hummus – carrots, celery, and broccoli served with hummus (16.5 oz)
  • Organic Veggies – organic carrots, organic celery, and organic broccoli served with organic ranch dip (16.25 oz)
  • Cheddar Pretzel – carrots, celery, broccoli, cheddar cheese cubes, and pretzels served with ranch dip (19.6 oz)
  • Honey Turkey Cheddar – carrots, broccoli, cheddar cheese cubes, and honey turkey bites served with ranch dip (20.3 oz)

Mann Packing

Also accompanying these latest additions is Mann’s new Fiesta vegetable tray. This tray includes a spicy medley of carrots, broccoli, celery, and mini sweet peppers with dual dip options of Jalapeno Ranch and Garden Ranch. It is now available in a 35.5 oz pack.

Kim St George, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mann Packing“With these new trays, we’ve applied our innovative approach and flavor expertise to create unique, ready-to-eat combinations of fresh cut veggies,” said Kim St George, Mann’s Director of Marketing & Communications. “We think snackers will agree.”

These new trays come at a perfect time, especially with snacking on the rise, as St George went on to say in a press release.

“Snacking is more popular than ever with 45% of consumers eating snacks as meal replacements,” she said. “People are looking for options that are fresh, offer some protein to keep them satisfied, and are made with high quality ingredients.”

As consumers start planning their Game Day parties, keep on the look-out for these new trays from Mann Packing.

Mann Packing