Megan Schulz with Giumarra Companies Discusses Blueberries and the Expertise Superior Berries Company's Director of Ag Operations Mike Bruorton Has to Offer

Tue. April 24th, 2018 - by ANUK Staff

GEORGIA, U.S. - It’s a beautiful and crisp-looking day on the Giumarra front. Tucked within the fields, the company’s Megan Schulz took some time to address how blueberry season is looking and how crucial Superior Berries Company’s Vice President of Ag Operations, Mike Bruorton, is in the continued category success.

Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, Giumarra Companies

“This year, Nature’s Partner is launching a brand new line of jumbo blueberries grown, here, in southeast Georgia,” Megan explains. “What’s special about these blueberries is their sweet flavor, superb crispiness, and crowd-pleasing size. And when we say jumbo, we mean that these blueberries are huge. Your consumers are going to love them.”

Some of the new varieties that Mike is planting are Meadowlark, Farthing, and Legacy. Megan divulges how Mike has created such a large array of blueberry varieties and what that means for business.

Giumarra and Superior Berries Company's blueberries

Megan sheds light on package sizing for U.S. and Canadian retailers.

For the inside scoop on Giumarra’s blueberry offerings, check out the whole video above.

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