Monterey Mushrooms Rebrands Transportation Division

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Mon. May 13th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

HOUSTON, TX - Monterey Mushrooms’ forward thinking transportation division is getting a fresh coat of paint. This week, the mushroom maker announced plans to rebrand Monterey Logistics. After 34 years in business, Monterey Logistics will now become Premier Refrigerated Transport.

“We are the same company and people, but now we have a new updated name and look that reflects where we are headed,” said Robert Hampton, Vice President of Logistics, in a press release. “We pride ourselves on operating with the highest cold-chain standards in the industry, a craft that’s been honed for more than 34 years hauling highly-sensitive and perishable cargo for our dedicated service accounts.”

Monterey Mushroom's Transportation Devision, Monterey Logistics, will now become Premier Refrigerated Transport

According to the company’s press release, Premier Refrigerated Transport is a mid-sized logistics company operating a fleet of more than 100 trucks, along with a 24-hour operations center that uses some of the best transportation technology on the market.

Premier Refrigerated Transport currently has has 17 terminals in 10 states and makes deliveries to all continental states, traveling more than 17 million miles annually. The company provides regional and national LTL and truckload hauling, servicing Monterey Mushrooms and its affiliates, along with other customers include fresh produce shippers, retailers, wholesalers, and perishable distributors.

Premier Refrigerated Transport Monterey Mushrooms