Moxxy Marketing Holds Inaugural Produce Packaging Seminar

Thu. July 13th, 2017
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

CALIFORNIA - From the screen to the produce aisle, there is a long and complex journey for produce packaging to trek before it becomes an enticing impulse buy for consumers.

This is the journey Moxxy Marketing teamed up with Western Growers; Dickenson, Peatman, & Fogarty; Garlock Printing & Converting; and Downey Brand, LLP to address. The inaugural Produce Packaging Seminar, which hosted three events in key ag areas of California, kicked off with success, as it spread the word of how to push produce.

Terry Feinberg, Principle, Moxxy Marketing“Produce packaging can be complicated. We identified a need for legal, production, and design information and are thrilled with the response,” shared Terry Feinberg, Principal at Moxxy Marketing. “The presenters were all experts in their fields, and without much advance coordination, the presentations logically flowed from one session to the next.”

This flow, Terry shared, came seamlessly with the components of bringing a successful concept to the produce aisle.

Speaker Chris Passarelli of Dickenson, Peatman, & Fogarty

“What I was most impressed with was the variety of speakers and wide range of topics they covered in just a day,” said attendee Audrey Baronam, Marketing and Design Manager for Renaissance Food Group, LLC. “They were able to touch on many aspects and current challenges of packaging to give a well-rounded look at what all goes into the process of getting an item to the shelf.”

Corrie Hutchens, Senior Director of Marketing, Pete's Living GreensPete’s Living Greens Senior Director of Marketing Corrie Hutchens agreed, telling me, “The topics they covered were very applicable to what I, as a marketer, have to think about on a daily basis when it comes to packaging creation and execution. Given the small, intimate group, it allowed for additional questions and discussion, and I enjoyed the opportunity to ask top of mind questions related to everything from trademarks, to branding and design, while getting immediate feedback from credible individuals.”

Product examples on display at the Produce Packaging Seminar

And those words from Corrie were exactly the goals Terry was proud to have met, and plans to see these benefits go far beyond the seminar.

“We provided our presentations, and additional resource materials, on USB drives to all who attended. By the end of July, these materials will be available at,” he shared, emphasizing that spreading the word, more than anything, was the ultimate achievement of the first-time event.

Attendees at the Produce Packaging Seminar

As Moxxy continues to have an eye on broadening the horizon of packaging, we hope this is not a one-time occurrence, but the beginning of a new chapter on the company's calendar.

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