Moxxy Marketing Strengthens Packaging Design Services as Candy Rauber Gains Certification; Karen Nardozza Details

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Tue. May 23rd, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

MIAMI, FL - Another tool is in Moxxy Marketing’s diverse arsenal now that Candy Rauber recently completed additional training and received her certificate in FDA Food Labeling Compliance. The agency’s award-winning Art Director now has an FDA Food Labeling Certification, bolstering Moxxy’s services to deliver high-quality work that meets regulatory requirements for food and beverage labeling and packaging.

Candy Rauber, Art Director, Moxxy Marketing“The FDA is just one government agency food producers have to contend with, and the first step is understanding which regulations to follow,” said Rauber. “From there, we have to consider what is said on the label—such as ingredients and nutritional claims and where and how various statements are presented. Color contrast, font sizes, and placement are all specified within regulations—it’s an exacting process. And designing packaging for export to Canada, the E.U., and other countries adds more requirements and layers of complexity.”

Moxxy has long been known as an expert in designing food and beverage packaging, creating brand-building, strategic designs, and production-friendly files that help get attention in-store and increase sales. According to the release, the agency also has a stellar reputation among packaging suppliers for producing quality files that can be easily reproduced without modification or additional cost.

Karen Nardozza, President and Chief Executive Officer, Moxxy Marketing“One of the most common causes for a food recall is that the packaging was incorrect,” said Karen Nardozza, Moxxy President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s rewarding to design standout packaging that boosts sales and builds brands for our clients, but the best design is of little value if it costs the company’s reputation and impacts the balance sheet because regulations weren’t followed.”

In the marketing agency’s recent Three Ps of Packaging details how Promote, Protect, and Preserve can elevate your product. Protection includes the physical packaging design to protect products, but also protection of companies from legal and regulatory action because a packaging design is out of compliance.

Moxxy Marketing's Candy Rauber recently received her certificate in FDA Food Labeling Compliance, bolstering the marketer's services to deliver high-quality work that meets regulatory requirements for food and beverage labeling and packaging

“Our clients depend on us to get it right, protect their brand, and save them as much money as possible throughout the packaging production process, and that’s why we continually invest in training and stay on top of packaging requirements,” concluded Nardozza.

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