Mucci Farms Hones In On Sustainability and Snacking

Thu. June 6th, 2019 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

KINGSVILLE, ON - We have officially launched into the second half of 2019 and while many (including myself) may look back and wonder where the heck the year has gone, Mucci Farms is looking ahead as it builds momentum and a continued vision for fresh that will propel it through the summer and beyond.

Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mucci Farms“At United Fresh and for the foreseeable future, our efforts will be focused in two major areas that are dominating the fresh produce conversation: sustainability and snack foods," explains Vice President Joe Spano. "We’ll be introducing our new lineup of sustainable packaging to the US market called the Simple Snack series. SIMPLE is an acronym for Sustainable Innovation Made Purposely for our Living Environment and all of the packages are made of cardboard and sealed with fully recyclable lidding film."

Mucci Farms has combined sustainability with snack foods to introduce a new line of sustainable packaging called the Simple Snack series

And on the snack food side, Team Mucci is ramping up its push of CuteCumberTM Poppers, which won the coveted Best New Packaging Award at United Fresh 2018. This fresh produce concept features a one-bite mini cocktail cucumber presenting maximum flavor and convenience for differentiation at retail.

When I use vision and Mucci in the same sentence, you know I mean it.

Danny Mucci, President, Mucci International Marketing"The vision behind everything we do centers around consumer demand. We emphasize research and development to gain as much information as we can from our retail partners along with direct engagement with consumers on our social media platforms and in-store demos to establish our priorities," says President Danny Mucci. "Our first hand research confirmed the consumer demand for reduced plastic and healthy snack food items, which led to our main areas of focus for United Fresh 2019."

Taking consumer demand into account, Mucci Farms has emphasized research and development to come up with its innovative packaging

Mucci Farms truly brings buyers and retail clients a full-scale vertically integrated one-stop shop for all their needs.

Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing, Mucci Farms"We coined the term Partners in Produce because we truly partner with everyone we work with on all aspects from seed to retail,” remarks Director of Marketing Emily Murracas. "In addition to growing and packing product, we have our own logistics department with our own fleet of trucks as well as an in-house marketing team that functions like an agency. We have the ability to provide retailers with POS material in a timely manner, we do in-store demos to help promote products, and also use our social media channels for targeted marketing campaigns. Our ownership makes sizeable investments on a yearly basis in automation and robotics to improve efficiencies across the supply chain including an aggressive plan to install grow lights in 100 percent of our high-tech glass facilities."

These efforts allow Mucci Farms to maximize its local and regional production and reduce the company's need for foreign products through the winter months. And how does Mucci Farms accomplish all these things, you might ask? With a team deeply experienced, passionate, and committed to executing the greenhouse operator's vision.

Carol Bendo, Human Resources Manager, Mucci Farms"We foster a corporate culture that embraces internal growth and empowerment. We’ve been deliberate in our efforts to improve employee morale by implementing numerous programs and events that raise team spirit and recognition of those who’ve dedicated several years of service to Mucci Farms,” says Carol Bendo, Director of Human Resources.

United Fresh is just a hop, skip, and a jump away so mark down Mucci Farms booth #9024 and check out what the team will be bringing to the trade show floor.

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