The Mushroom Council Announces Build a Better Bowl with Mushrooms Campaign During September

Wed. August 15th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

REDWOOD SHORES, CA - Mushrooms offer beautifully unique flavors and textures to bowls that cannot be replaced. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that I am ready to celebrate Mushroom Month, and so, too, is the Mushroom Council. During the month of September, the Council will focus efforts on reminding consumers and chefs of the health and taste benefits when using mushrooms as the main ingredient in favorite bowls. To engage with consumers, influencers, and menu developers through a plethora of activities in an effort celebrate the bountiful experiences provided with the use of the go-to ingredient, the Mushroom Council is launching its Build a Better Bowl with Mushrooms campaign.

Bart Minor, President, Mushroom Council“Bowls are continuously ranking among the most trending foods among both foodservice and consumers, and there are plenty of reasons why,” said Bart Minor, President of the Mushroom Council. “For consumers, it’s the ultimate convergence of convenience and the globalization of cuisine. At foodservice, you couldn’t ask for a less expensive, more filling dish on the menu—after all, it’s mainly grains, veggies, and not a lot of meat. When it comes to great bowls, mushrooms are the answer. You need umami in a bowl build, and mushrooms will bring that meaty, satisfying umami flavor.”

According to a press release, the campaign includes the following:

  • “Build a Better Bowl” recipes and videos sharing simple ideas for crafting delicious bowls starring mushrooms
  • A September 26 Facebook Live session featuring Melissa d’Arabian demonstrating how to build a better bowl using mushrooms.
    • Viewers who stay tuned throughout the whole segment will have a chance to answer a secret question to be entered to win special prizes.
  • The Council is spotlighting its “Top 5 Bowls at Restaurants Nationwide,” with chefs sharing why mushrooms are a must in their bowls.
    • Restaurants include Bubu’s Zen Bowl (Denver, CO), Radio Room’s Barley Buddha Bowl (Portland, OR), ediBOL’s Ginger Sesame Bowl (Los Angeles, CA), Nourish Café’s Golden Gate Bowl (San Francisco, CA), and Sweetfin Poké Miso Eggplant & Shimeji Mushroom Bowl (Santa Monica, CA).
  • Media outreach nationwide spotlighting favorite bowls.
  • Social media “bowl polls" allowing audiences to vote for their favorite bowl of the week. Audience members who vote will be entered to win weekly giveaways.

Check out for more details on the Build a Better Bowl with Mushrooms.

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