Nature Fresh Farms® Teases New Items and a Revamped Look for the Global Produce & Floral Show; Matt Quiring Details

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Wed. October 4th, 2023 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

ONTARIO, CANADA - Oh, Snack! This is the response I get when I ask the team at Nature Fresh Farms® what they have planned for this year’s International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) Global Produce & Floral Show (GPFS). This exclamation is followed quickly by the declaration that the company will be elevating fresh snacking with exciting items to come. I am sitting on the edge of my seat, as usual, at the suggestion of more Nature Fresh innovation.

Matt Quiring, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nature Fresh Farms®“While product names aren’t being revealed until the show, here’s what we can tell you,” Matt Quiring, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, tells me. “Nature Fresh Farms will be introducing a category-disrupting Pepper SKU, and we have been under trial and development with this product for over six years. The team and I are excited to show the trade what North America’s new favorite pepper is all about.”

The Pepper SKU, which has five different colors, has a light, refreshing crispness of a Granny Smith apple, is sweet, and juicy. Intrigued? Oh, yes.

Nature Fresh Farms® will be showing off a host of new developments at this year’s Global Produce & Floral Show

In addition, Nature Fresh Farms’ Snacking Tomato lineup is getting a new look. Dressed to impress, the new design will feature fresh colors and revitalized names to highlight each variety’s distinct flavors.

“This unveiling was constructed purposefully to entice trial and drive repeat purchases among a wider breadth of consumers,” Matt expresses. “We continue to listen to what the consumer wants and to what is driving success at retail.”

And, if a couple of new eye- and palate-catching debuts are not enough, Nature Fresh Farms will officially be introducing its Organic Greenhouse Berries to the market.

With a Nature Fresh Farms® partnership comes a full line of solutions, including merchandising and category analytic support to help drive product and promotions on shelf and online

“As one of the first producers and marketers to bring Organic Greenhouse Strawberries to retailer shelves, Nature Fresh Farms will be celebrating these berries and the benefits they bring to both consumers and retailers,” Matt shares.

These benefits include Fair Trade Certification; sustainable growing practices using 70 percent less water; a consistent, reliable supply of organic strawberries; and sweetness and freshness that everyone’s seeking out of the berry patch.

“We’re continually focused on bringing the consumer a better experience, and we are doing this by enhancing, elevating, and evolving the greenhouse category. We want the world to know that with new technology, we can bring to market higher-quality and better-tasting produce year-round; while doing so sustainably and with long-term food security in mind. These products mimic this sentiment,” Matt explains.

 The brand will also officially be introducing its Organic Greenhouse Berries™ to the market

To add more value to the program, Nature Fresh remains keenly aware of and focused on providing its retail partners with both marketing (digital and in-store) and merchandising opportunities to help increase sales and overall basket size. With a Nature Fresh partnership comes a full line of solutions including merchandising and category analytic support to help drive product and promotions on shelf and online.

“IFPA GPFS is our industry’s Super Bowl. Everyone brings their A-game, introducing and unveiling the best of the best from new products and packaging to new technology and innovations,” Matt champions. “It’s exciting to be a part of this, but more accurately it’s exciting to be a part of and witness our industry coming together, pushing the envelope, and moving in a collective, unified direction to achieve an overall common goal of providing the best for our consumers, our communities, and our planet.”

The Nature Fresh Farms team will be at booth #3285 during the upcoming IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show in Anaheim, California, October 19–21, 2023. See you all there!

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