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Mon. August 6th, 2018 - by Robert Schaulis

CASTROVILLE, CA - Artichoke provider Ocean Mist Farms is using innovative means to drive sales and reap rich insight into consumers’ shopping behaviors. The brand announced this week that, as part of its continued investment in a 360-degree marketing strategy, Ocean Mist is gaining consumer insights through its partnership with iBotta.

This spring, the brand and iBotta worked together to develop a resource for consumers searching for educational material on the benefits and usage tips for artichokes, recipe inspiration, and digital coupons. In turn, Ocean Mist earned more than 15,000 new shopper contacts that are interested in learning more about the brand.

Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist® Farms“While we saw a tremendous amount of engagement with our online communities during the spring promotion, we’re also able to confirm in-store traffic which created a unique touchpoint for us to learn more about the Ocean Mist shopper,” said Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing at Ocean Mist Farms, in a press release. “Now that we have new contacts that have indicated they would like to receive more information on Ocean Mist Farms, we are able to nurture their unique preferences to keep them engaged to become stronger artichoke advocates who are motivated to continue to purchase artichokes.”

iBotta coupons for Ocean Mist® Farms products

Through the retail specific data Ocean Mist has gained from its partnership with iBotta, the brand is able to verify that more than 9,500 shoppers used the technology to download a coupon for Ocean Mist branded products and completed an in-store purchase. The brand was then able to measure in-store purchases while learning more about the shopping behaviors on a new demographic of consumers buying Ocean Mist products.

The brand employed strategic influencer partnerships in conjunction with the digital coupon campaign. Influencers spoke to a national audience on trending topics in an effort to spark continuing culinary creativity and recipe inspiration. And, Ocean Mist noted in its press release, the brand was also featured on a nationally syndicated television segment in addition to gaining coverage on NBC News Better for Instant Pot recipe content.

NBC News Better recipes featuring Ocean Mist® Farms artichokes

“We seek to continue to inspire and educate our online communities with enriched content from influencers who can speak to these trends,” added McClean. “We believe that Ocean Mist Farms can be a resource for the inexperienced artichoke cook as well as the polished chef by keeping a pulse on what’s going on in the artichoke enthusiast’s world.”

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