Ocean Mist® Farms' Joe Angelo Discusses Transition Insights

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Tue. March 23rd, 2021 - by Anne Allen

CASTROVILLE, CA - In the midst of its transition from Coachella back to Castroville and Salinas, California, Ocean Mist® Farms had a bounty of information regarding a variety of categories. I tapped Joe Angelo, Director of Sales, to take a deeper dive.

Joe Angelo, Director of Sales, Ocean Mist® Farms“Artichokes started in a small way last week, and that volume will increase considerably over the next three to four weeks. Coachella is set to finish on March 27,” Joe explained to me. “Cauliflower and broccoli production will start in Salinas on March 22, and both items will have about a two week overlap with our Coachella operation.”

Another category, iceberg lettuce, will finish in Yuma, Arizona, on April 2, and will transition to Huron beginning March 25. The majority of Ocean Mist’s other crops will finish in Coachella by April 9, with a slight overlap, with both Castroville and Salinas starting April 5.

Ocean Mist® Farms is in the midst of its transition from Coachella back to Castroville and Salinas, California

“Fortunately, we have not had any significant weather events to disrupt supply. We have had below average temps over the last two weeks in Salinas, but nothing significant to disrupt availability,” Joe noted. “As the transition occurs, markets are on the lower end for most items, with a few items having fair markets.”

Joe also remarked that strong supplies are expected to support customer demand, with excellent quality in both areas as the transition winds down in one and picks up in another.

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