OG Packing & Cold Storage's Tom Gotelli Discusses the Company's Cherry Technology

Fri. May 22nd, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

STOCKTON, CA - O-G Packing & Cold Storage is finishing up its California Brooks Cherry variety and is now preparing to transition to Corro and Tulare varieties next.

Tom Gotelli, Plant Manager and fourth generation Gortelli to work with the company, gave AndNowUKnow an exclusive peek into the company’s technology moves as they have improved and, in turn, contributed to providing a better product.

“Everybody’s moving this way, to electronic sorting and sizing throughout the world,” Tom tells us. “Chile’s been doing it a little longer than we have, but you can see California’s really moving and Washington’s coming right along with it, too.”

As for O-G Packing, with 72 lanes and partnering with Unitec for its own electronic sorting and sizing, the company has “both feet in.”

Tom also told us that the company is happy with the season, stating that a bit of rain helped the cherries out by cooling things off.

To see all that Tom had to say about cherries and the sorting technologies that company uses, watch the short video above.

O-G Packing & Cold Storage