Okanagan Specialty Fruits® Brings Arctic® Apple Slices to C-Stores

Wed. October 14th, 2020
- by Jordan Okumura     

BRITISH COLUMBIA - The convenience store sector is ripe for growth in terms of fresh produce availability, and Okanagan Specialty Fruits® has capitalized on that opportunity. The developer and grower behind the innovative Arctic® apple has announced the launch of its Arctic apple slices in the convenience store market.

Bob Wilkinson, Director of Sales, Okanagan Specialty Fruits“In providing shoppers with Arctic apples, we’re offering a solution for those looking for a healthy option, without sacrificing freshness and flavor,” said Bob Wilkinson, Director of Sales. “By partnering with Arctic apples, you’ll not only receive exceptional sliced apples, but also quality service from our dedicated team.”

According to a press release, Arctic apples’ fresh slices are available in two sizes and varieties: Arctic® Golden (sweet) and Arctic® Granny (tart) in 10 oz and 5 oz bags. The sizes and packaging allow for an ideal grab-and-go option for convenience store customers looking for a snacking option that is exceptional tasting, fresh, and healthy.

The developer and grower behind the innovative Arctic® apple, Okanagan Specialty Fruits®, has announced the launch of its Arctic apple slices in the convenience store market

Arctic apple slices retain their fresh appearance and flavor long after conventional apple slices turn brown. Arctic apples use the apple’s own genes to “turn off” the enzyme responsible for making apples turn brown when cut or bruised. The result is a longer shelf life and an apple that tastes and looks better, which means less food waste from harvest to consumption.

OSF is a vertically integrated organization that manages all aspects of Arctic apples from the tree to the end-user, with approximately 1,350 acres of Arctic apple orchards planted in Washington State. Arctic apples are created for those who believe wholesome foods are essential for a healthy lifestyle and are looking for fruits that are unmatched in quality, convenience, and sustainability.

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