Opal Apples Reach Double Digit Sales and Volume Increases in its Fifth Season

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Tue. June 30th, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

YAKIMA, WA - Opal® Apple, the exclusive non-GMO, non-browning apple, has achieved double digit sales and volume increases, rounding out a successful fifth season for FirstFruits Marketing.

Opal experienced a year-over-year sales dollar increase of 65 percent and a volume increase of 85 percent during the season, according to a press release. Same-store sales increased in volume with consumers buying more Opal with a longer availability. In addition, new retail customers helped to increase the consumer base.

Opal Apples

Keith Mathews, FirstFruits Marketing CEO, expressed his satisfaction with the season, noting that the brand's investment in new consumer awareness helped to reach over 1.1 million people.

Keith Mathews, CEO, FirstFruits Marketing“We’re delighted with the success of Opal apple this season,” said Mathews. “Everything we’re doing is coming together as a whole from our consumer promotions to our retail partnerships. We’re looking forward to another great season!”

Opal apples are grown in Washington by Broetje Orchards and are sold exclusively in North America by FirstFruits Marketing. The variety is the result of cross-breeding Topaz and Golden Delicious.

For more information on Opal, check out our interview with Keith Mathews as he sheds more light on the origins and unique qualities about this non-browning apple.

Opal Apples

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