Oppy and Sun Grape USA Announce Strategic Joint Venture Sun Grape California LLC — An Oppy Company; David Smith, Sammy Cacciatore, and Piers Hanbury Comment

Tue. February 13th, 2024 - by Chandler James

VISALIA, CA - A new partnership has come into focus for Oppy. It recently joined forces with Sun Grape USA, a table grape owner, grower, packer, and shipper, to establish Sun Grape California LLC—An Oppy company. This joint venture aims to redefine excellence in the category through a consistent supply of high-quality grapes.

David Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer, Oppy

“We have aspired to become California grape growers for a very long time, and we proudly announce the fruition of that dream through our partnership with Sun Grape,” shared David Smith, Oppy’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “The exceptional quality and excellence displayed in their farming operations deeply resonate with our values, making this a synergistic collaboration. Together we embark on a journey that not only celebrates the art of grape cultivation but reflects our shared commitment to delivering the finest produce.”

Combining Oppy’s over 165-year legacy and Sun Grape’s three-decade history of farming expertise in California’s San Joaquin Valley, this collaboration intends to create a unique solution for the market, blending a multinational reach with extensive experience, a release stated. The joint venture positions Oppy to significantly complement its offerings with California table grapes while enabling Sun Grape to expand its distribution.

Oppy recently entered into an agreement with Sun Grape USA to establish Sun Grape California LLC—An Oppy company

Introducing new acreage from San Joaquin Valley in mid-2023, Oppy will expand its year-round reach from Peru, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, and Mexico, with Sun Grape’s nearly 1,500 acres of land in California.

Sammy Cacciatore, Owner and President, Sun Grape USA

"When we decided we were ready to expand, we weren’t going to partner with just anyone, we were looking for a collaboration that would help us realize our goals to expand in the U.S. market,” said Sammy Cacciatore, Owner and President of Sun Grape USA. “Our family has known Oppy for over 50 years, so there’s been a long-standing relationship from the beginning. It all just seemed to come together so organically, we recognized what a natural fit it was for both companies.”

The partnership became official on February 6, 2024, with Cacciatore as President of Operations. The team will begin working together on the Mexican season, while Sun Grape California LLC — An Oppy Company, will officially begin shipping products to market in early July from their new cold storage facility and offices in Delano, California. Combining their offices in Visalia, Sun Grape will add its location in Montreal, Quebec, to Oppy’s vast sales network throughout North and South America and Asia.

Piers Hanbury, Executive Director of Category Development, Oppy

“This partnership is vital as we aim to bring uniformity across the board — from volume, quality, varieties, and beyond. Sun Grape’s commitment to excellence and their expertise in farming make them an ideal partner, reinforcing our shared vision for delivering the best produce to the market,” said Piers Hanbury, Oppy’s Executive Director of Category Development.

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