Organic Grower Summit Announces Topic for Educational Session; Tonya Antle Comments

Tue. October 5th, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MONTEREY, CA - This year, the month of December is bringing another reason to celebrate as 2021 Organic Grower Summit (OGS) makes its way up our calendars. Presented by Western Growers and Organic Produce Network, this educational program brings the best our organic industry has to offer, and as the lineup reveals itself, we can’t be more excited. On deck, OGS will be putting on “Innovative and Compatible Ag Inputs for Today’s Organic Grower,” which will explore the various tools available in the production of organic crops, how growers choose new products, the environmental impact, and how these bio products can impact costs.

Tonya Antle, Co-Founder, Organic Grower Summit“While farming is a biological process, the organic grower is faced with the question of when does biology become chemistry in the development of organic materials? Further, how best can a grower choose what items to be a part of the toolbox—and what are the impacts of those selections?” said Tonya Antle, Co-Founder of the Organic Grower Summit. “The panel for this session is ideally suited to explain both the challenges and opportunities organic growers face in the selection of inputs that benefit both the crop and bottom line.”

The panel is an examination of how organic growers can best utilize approved bio inputs in the most efficient and effective manner for their crops, noted the release, and bottom line will be the subject of the educational session.

Organic Grower Summit 2021 has announced its newly launched “Innovative and Compatible Ag Inputs for Today’s Organic Grower,” education session

According to the release, the fourth annual OGS is designed to provide information vital to organic growers and producers, as well as an overview of the opportunities and challenges in the production of organic fresh food. The newly announced session is part of an extensive educational program designed to inform and engage organic producers, their service providers, and supply chain partners.

Moderated by Neal Gutterson, President of Radicle Growth, panelists include leaders from organizations directly involved in the approval, distribution, and application of biological inputs for organic growers. The panelists include Pam Marrone, Founder of Marrone Bio; Doug Currier, Technical Director of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI); and Tim Stemwedel, Founder of California Organic Fertilizer.

Among the topics for discussion in the session are the role of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) in determining what USDA allows or eliminates from the organic grower’s toolbox; how growers can be stakeholders in the process of bio input selection; new OMRI approved products and how farmers can best utilize these inputs; the environmental impact of various inputs; and what trends are happening for specialty crops.

The newly announced session will explore the various tools available in the production of organic crops, how growers choose new products, the environmental impact, and how these bio products can impact costs

“In partnership with Western Growers, this year’s OGS will provide up-to-date resources and information to support the continued success of organic producers, with an emphasis on the role of ag technology,” said Antle. “From seed to soil to harvest, our goal is to present the most relevant information on the most important subjects and issues facing organic production.”

OGS exhibition and general registration are currently open. With only four trade show booths available before the OGS trade show floor sells out, exhibitors include soil amendment, ag technology, food safety, packaging, and equipment manufacturers connecting with organic field production staff, supply chain managers, pest control advisors, and food safety experts.

Currently slated for December 1–2, OGS 2021 will be held at the Monterey Hyatt Conference Center in Monterey, California.

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