Owyhee Produce Teases New Compostable Onion Bag

Fri. October 18th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

NYSSA, OR - Owyhee Produce is hitting the show circuit this week with big news about all-new packaging that even the likes of the ANUK team has yet to see. Owyhee Produce’s new regenerative bags aren’t just taking a page out of sustainability’s book, but reusing that page in an innovative way. With an official launch slated for spring of 2020, the new regenerative produce bags will rely on converted hemp fibers sourced from the grower’s own crops—talk about the future!

Shay Myers, General Manager, Owyhee Produce“We know not everyone can commit to these types of standards today. However, for the most demanding companies out there, those companies who have made the massive commitment to reduce carbon emissions, pollution, and waste, we are here,” explained General Manager Shay Myers. “We are among the most climate conscience and progressive farmers in the country, and we want to partner with the best companies to make a difference.”

In order to supply the materials for its new onion bags, Owyhee Produce will start growing 500 acres of industrial hemp on its Oregon farmland—a first in the company’s farming history. The industrial hemp will then be used to create CBD oil, while the leftover fibers will be the basis of the compostable bags and other materials. This process furthers Owyhee Produce’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions, pollution, and waste.

Owyhee Produce’s new regenerative bags aren’t just taking a page out of sustainability’s book, but reusing that page in an innovative way

According to a press release, Owyhee Produce has plans to strengthen the foundation of its motto, “There’s a difference!” by being responsible farmers for the future. The company plans for a cleaner, greener future by 2022, with the following initiatives:

  • 100 percent Compostable, Biodegradable or Recyclable Packaging
  • 100 percent Regenerative
  • 100 percent Carbon Neutral
  • 25 percent Water Usage Reduction Per Acre
  • 25 percent Fuel Use Reduction Per Acre
  • 0 percent Monoculture

But that’s not to say Owyhee Produce is new to the whole “going green” concept. In fact, the company only grows onions in each field every five to six years in order to restore the soil’s health naturally and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizer or fumigants. This, overall, mitigates Owyhee Produce’s impact on the environment, while also maintaining its commitment to grow, yield, and offer high-quality produce.

“It is our duty to ensure that tomorrow’s farmers are able to efficiently farm from our sustainable farming practices of today,” continued Myers.

In addition, Owyhee Produce plants beans and peas to fix nitrogen levels in its soil; beets, alfalfa, and corn for weed control; corn, wheat, and hemp to increase organic matter and soil health; and mustard and mint to prevent pest infestations and other soil born diseases. On top of all this soil goodness, the compostable bags only improve the soil’s health, as well!

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