Pacific International Marketing's President Dave Johnson Discusses Vertical Integration to Become a One-Stop Shop

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Thu. September 9th, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SALINAS, CA - With over 30 years of experience under its belt, Pacific International Marketing has garnered the necessary skills toward becoming a one-stop shop for its customers. Looking to the fields with President Dave Johnson himself, we learned more about what's to come from a company that has grown from 2,000 acres to 25,000 acres.

Dave Johnson, President, Pacific International Marketing"The founding vision and commitment is to serve the country with the freshest vegetables that we can produce," Dave commented. "Also, it's to our family of growers that have been with us for many, many years and have done a great job. We're continuing to bring new ranches in and continuing to increase our acreage base as our customer base grows."

Currently, Pacific International Marketing's growing regions are out of California, Arizona, and Mexico. As Dave mentioned, twenty percent of everything the company grows is organic, with the other 80 percent being conventional.

"We try to grow all the staple items organically and conventionally—the main ones being broccoli, cauliflower, Iceberg, Romaine, and celery," he explained. "That gives our customer base a one-stop shop. Our main customer base is retail, along with foodservice and club stores."

Pacific International Marketing currently handles the growing, trucking, harvesting, and cooling of its products, making it a vertically integrated operation as well as a one-stop shop for customers

Pacific International Marketing's vertical integration is key to its success, as Dave made very clear.

"It has to do with taking care of our customers and taking care of them on a year-round basis. We do the trucking, we do the harvesting, we do the cooling, [and] the planting," he continued. "And we have to get with our family of growers to make sure that the ground we put it on is, say, good for celery, good for broccoli, good for cauliflower. They're all different soil types and need to be taken into consideration. We're fortunate to have a grower base that will take care of all the needs that we have."

The company's longevity is owed to its people, whether that be the Product Managers in the field or the customers Pacific International Marketing is happy to serve.

To learn more, check out the video above. Stay tuned into all things fresh with ANUK.

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