Pacific Organic Produce Ramps Up Sonoran Lemon Season; Delilah Romo and Amy Rosenoff Comment

Fri. August 28th, 2020
- by Anne Allen     

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Pacific Organic Produce is bringing a whole lot of sunshine to the produce department this summer in a category that is nearly synonymous with the warm ball of light—lemons. The Sonoran program includes one of the largest lemon growers in Sonora and a sophisticated post-harvest infrastructure and packing line to boot, as the company shares.

Delilah Romo, Commodity Managert, Pacific Organic Produce“Consistent quality, price, and customer satisfaction are our main objectives with this program,” Commodity Manager Delilah Romo stated. “The better we perform, the more growth can be expected in the years to come for the Sonoran lemon category. Our growers have put their heart and soul into these groves and are deeply committed to the expansion in Sonoran citrus. My goal is to help get them to the next level.”

Pacific Organic will market the high-volume organic lemons from the region and will also pack them under the company’s Purity label. The season runs mid-August through October, spilling into November if Mother Nature holds steady.

Amy Rosenoff, Sales Director, Pacific Organic Produce“We are excited to launch our Sonoran-grown, organic lemon program in partnership with the premier citrus grower and packer in the region,” Amy Rosenoff, Sales Director, added. “Our focus will be on quality, an efficient supply chain, and consistent supply, providing you and your customers high-grade lemons with a longer-lasting shelf-life. We can offer programs on 40-pound bulk packs as well as 1- and 2-pound bags in our Purity Organic brand.”

According to a press release, the company advises expecting smaller fruit size due to lighter than usual rains and a freeze during bloom. Pacific Organic is projecting the overall industry will be heavy on 140/165 count this season.

Pacific Organic Produce's Sonoran program includes one of the largest lemon growers in Sonora and a sophisticated post-harvest infrastructure and packing line to boot

“Our philosophy is that farming practices should leave the soil, water, plant life, animals, and people healthier—and happier! As we watch these young organic lemon groves finally reach maturity, we are witnessing just how the Sonoran Desert provides optimal weather conditions prime for organic lemon production. We are looking forward to the start of this season and I speak for myself, my father, and our whole production team when I say we just couldn’t be happier to be represented by Pacific Organic, whom we share the same values and philosophy with,” Grower Enrique Gracia Jr. expressed.

With the sunshine warming up sales in the fresh produce department this season, companies like Pacific Organic Produce are bringing the support and sweetening the deal.

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