Pacific Trellis Fruit® Introduces Dulcinea® Brand Premium Seedless Grapes Under “Fruit of Legendary Perfection”

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Thu. November 7th, 2019
- by Lilian Diep     

LOS ANGELES, CA - The 2019 PMA Fresh Summit saw many innovations, anniversaries, and, most importantly, product launchings. Pacific Trellis Fruit® debuted its newest product line, Dulcinea® Brand Premium Seedless Grapes, at the event, and I can’t wait to buy my own bag to munch on.

Marcial Hernandez, Director, South American Imports, Pacific Trellis Fruit“Our growing partners are working hard to bring an exceptional product to consumers,” said Marcial Hernandez, Director, South American Imports. “We recently had the opportunity to visit the farms in three major growing regions in Peru, and not only did the fields look fantastic, but we also had the opportunity to learn more about their new practices for quality, food safety, and traceability.”

Pacific Trellis Fruit® debuted its newest product line, Dulcinea® Brand Premium Seedless Grapes at the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit

According to the press release, Dulcinea Brand Premium Seedless Grapes are packed to extremely high specifications in terms of brix, size, and color, making them bigger, juicier, and sweeter. The premium grapes offer consumers a superior eating experience consistent with what they have come to expect and trust from Dulcinea Melons, and are available in red, green, and black seedless varieties.

Josh Leichter, General Manager, Pacific Trellis Fruit“Retailers and consumers are looking for consistent high quality red, green, and black grapes regardless of time of year or country of origin,” said Josh Leichter, General Manager for Pacific Trellis Fruit. “By setting a premium specification for the grapes regardless of origin or variety that will be packed in the Dulcinea brand, we feel we can simplify things for retailers and consumers”.

The company will be rolling out its latest product in limited quantities starting in December, available in random weight bags or fixed weight packages with an eco-friendly, paper bag alternative also in development. Pacific Trellis Fruit/ Dulcinea existing line of products are available at select grocers, specialty health markets, and club stores nationwide.

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