Polymer Logistics Debuts its New Wood Grain RPC in Wal-Mart Stores

Wed. April 1st, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL - Polymer Logistics, a global leader of Retail Ready Packaging and manufacturing of reusable containers, is debuting a fresh look at Wal-Mart locations by introducing its Wood Grain RPC for the grower supplier shipments into Wal-Mart. 

After months of store display pilots and feedback from three Wal-Mart Supercenters in the Bentonville, Arkansas area, the company has decided to move forward with the roll-out of Polymer’s newly designed RPC, which continues to create a farm fresh feel. 

Polymer Logistics Wood Grain RPC

United Fresh Produce has praised the RPC, saying, “The Polymer Wood effect RPC was voted within the 40 new product award finalists under the best packaging category.” 

During the customer surveys conducted at Wal-Mart, the results showed a great preference for the “fresh look” in the Wood Grain crates, “creating an inviting, soft look, compared to the current black RPC’s.” 

Polymer Logistics Wood Grain RPC

On the various tests recently conducted by Polymer Logistics at the European market stores, feedback from consumers was excellent, according to a press release. Switching the store set up to the new Polymer Logistics Wood Grain crates in these test stores delivered a 3 to 6% increase to produce sales. 

Susie Cuevas, Director of Sales, Polymer Logistics“Therefore, we believe this exciting change will benefit the growers, retailers, and consumers,” said Susie Cuevas, Polymer Logistics Director of Sales.

The company says it is looking forward to an exciting partnership with Wal-Mart while maintaining an industry shared vision to provide safe environment-friendly, and display ready containers for continued improvements throughout the supply chain.

Polymer Logistics