Pure Flavor® Celebrates Second Year of Georgia Tomato Harvest

Mon. December 16th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

FORT VALLEY, GA - As Pure Flavor® enters into its second growing season in The Peach State, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue paid the company a visit. Not only did this visit fuel excitement for Pure Flavor’s next season, it commemorated the transition of all of Phase 1 (25 acres) to focus exclusively on tomatoes this winter.

Jamie Moracci, President, Pure Flavor®“We had a really good first season a year ago with our Georgia crop, as customers and consumers alike enjoyed the ability to purchase locally-grown vegetables throughout the winter months. Heading in to ‘Season 2’, we are excited to be focused exclusively on tomatoes this year including the addition of our new RedRoyals™ Sweet Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine,” stated Jamie Moracci, President.

Jeff Moracci, CFO, with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, and brother Jaime Moracci, President

Pure Flavor’s Georgia greenhouse is growing Tomatoes on The Vine (TOV), Luna Sweet™ Red Cocktail Tomatoes, Juno Bites™ Red Grape Tomatoes, and RedRoyals™ Sweet Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine. All four tomato types are currently being shipped through North America.

Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture, United States“This greenhouse is impressive, very impressive. It will enable them [Pure Flavor] to grow locally here and provide fresh vegetables to our Georgia market year-round. This is a good location for them,” said Perdue after touring the facility. “We are going to see more of this technology across the United States, and we are honored that Pure Flavor selected middle Georgia for their production. The investment and technology that goes in to these facilities is tremendous. These folks have done their homework.”

According to a press release, Pure Flavor continues to gain momentum in the Southeast. The company’s new 60,000-square-foot distribution center in Byron, GA, allows for both its Georgia Grown tomatoes and tomatoes from across North America to be distributed in a timely fashion.

Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice President, Pure Flavor®“We continue to expand our reach across the Southeast and now have the opportunity to provide a larger assortment of all of our greenhouse grown vegetables to retailers and foodservice partners throughout the region. This new facility is located 10 minutes from our greenhouse and just 3 miles from I-75, a major thruway that feeds the Eastern Seaboard,” commented Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice President.

Pure Flavor's 60,000-square-foot distribution center helps distribute its Georgia-grown tomatoes and tomatoes from across all of North America

Senior Executive Chef Holly Chute from Georgia Grown personally wanted to see how these tomatoes were carefully cultivated.

Holly Chute, Senior Executive Chef, Georgia Grown“It was amazing to see the process and extensive research and development that goes into these new varities of sweet snacking tomatoes,” stated Chute. “I really enjoyed learning about the ripening process and picking the tomatoes right from the vine to eat. The sweetness was incredible.”

The press release also noted that Pure Flavor operates distribution centers in Leamington, ON; Romulus, MI; and San Antonio, TX, to support its vast network of growers. As a vertically integrated vegetable company with a family of growers, the Georgia facilities have opened new doors with a regionally grown product to service key retail and foodservice partners in the Southeast. This has also allowed Pure Flavor to open other markets with additional product as the company’s family of growers continues to expand.

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