Rainier Fruit Launches "Pears for Pairs" Holiday Charitable Giving Campaign

Tue. September 25th, 2018 - by Anne Allen

SELAH, WA - Staying true to its Wholesome to the Core mission, Rainier Fruit recently announced its latest holiday marketing program: Pears for Pairs. This campaign launches in stores in October, and supports both the company’s pear program and the ninth annual Hanes National Sock Drive. Proceeds from bulk pear and pear bag sales will be donated to the charity, which has distributed more than 2.5 million pairs of socks to those living homeless across the United States.

Mark Zirkle, President, Rainier Fruit“At Rainier, our #WholesometotheCore values guide everything we do,” said Mark Zirkle, President of Rainier Fruit. “We believe in collaborating to do the most good, and parterning with Hanes on its 2018 National Sock Drive feels like a natural extension of our focus on making a difference in the communities where we do business, while offering an opportunity for consumers to exercise their values with their wallets by making a socially conscious purchase.”

According to a press release, the homeless epidemic reaches across the nation and touches every state. The National Law Center of Homelessness & Poverty reported that up to 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year in the U.S. Those who are homeless can walk an average of 10 miles a day, putting more wear on their socks in one week than the average American does in one year. This is why socks are among the most needed, but least donated, items.

Sidney Falken, Chief Branding Officer, Hanes Brands“We’re thrilled to partner with Rainier Fruit to expand the reach and impact of our Hanes National Sock Drive,” said Sidney Falken, Chief Branding Officer for HanesBrands. “We want to spark a movement to help those living homeless in America, and this is a great step toward that goal.”

In addition to in-store merchandisers that promote the campaign, Rainier has several consumer events lined up to raise awareness of the promotion. The first event, a fruit giveaway and sock collection drive on November 10, will be held at the Wanderlust Festival in Austin, Texas. Rainier and Hanes will host the sock collection event to close out the festival weekend and donate the proceeds to the local charity Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

By donating a portion of pear sales to Hanes National Sock Drive, Rainier is sticking to its company mission to be "Wholesome to the Core"

Rainier Fruit will also use its social media platforms to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness, including an online promotion on “Giving Tuesday,” during which Rainier will donate a pair of socks for every share of its post.

Andy Tudor, Vice President of New Business Development, Rainier Fruit“Based on our research, pears are an impulse buy, so we’re hoping that this creative and unique campaign will capture new category sales and support repeat purchases, while also fulfilling our company mission to be Wholesome to the Core,” concluded Andy Tudor, Vice President of Business.

The Pears for Pairs campaign is open to all retailers and will run from October through December at retail locations nationwide.

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