Red Sun Farms Launches Product Locator Tool

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Wed. January 8th, 2020 - by Chandler James

CANADA - In the produce industry, consistency can be the difference between a profitable season and a year-long struggle. While consistency of product largely relies on the volumes produced by growers, grocers are also responsible for ensuring that product reaches the consumer. The greenhouse grower Red Sun Farms had this in mind with its latest tech launch, announcing a product locator tool that enables consistent tracking of fruits and veg. Primarily targeted toward the consumer experience, Red Sun’s new tool will also support consistency between growers and grocers.

Leona Neill, Director of Packaging and Marketing, Red Sun Farms“At Red Sun Farms, we strive for customer service and satisfaction by helping our valued consumers find their favorite greenhouse-grown products,” said Leona Neill, Director of Packaging and Marketing. “With this new tool, consumers are just a click away from finding our fresh produce locally for their next recipe or finding the perfect snack.”

The tool can be found at the top of Red Sun’s website under the “Where to Buy” tab, as stated in a press release. With the ability to tell consumers where they can purchase Red Sun products by showing them a map of all the nearest stores, the grower can support retail sales and even increase sales of certain products.

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