Rice Fruit Company Celebrates 110-Year Anniversary; Ben Rice Comments

Thu. June 1st, 2023 - by Chandler James

GARDNERS, PA - This year marks Rice Fruit Company’s 110th anniversary, celebrating the tireless efforts of generations of Rice family members that immigrated to America and worked to establish themselves in the country. Taking what they knew from their homelands, the founding farmers created a lasting legacy that has not only benefited the family, but consumers who enjoy its apples every day.

Ben Rice, President, Rice Fruit Company“When we take the thoughtful and necessary steps to ensure our local ecosystems, we are laying the groundwork for the success of our future generations,” said Ben Rice, President, regarding the company’s ongoing commitment to protecting the environment as Rice Fruit continues to grow and evolve. “Our 200th birthday is just 90 years away.”

Although it technically became a company over a century ago, it could be said that Rice Fruit got its unofficial start when Daniel Rice, a young German immigrant, arrived in Adams County, Pennsylvania, in the 1790s. Upon his arrival, he realized the microclimates of the easternmost ridge of the Appalachians were perfect for growing apples, laying the groundwork for Arthur Rice to build the company’s first packing house in Biglerville, PA, in 1913.

This year, Rice Fruit Company is ringing in its 110th anniversary

In the more than 100 years that Rice Fruit Company has been in business, the supplier has remained steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and growing high-quality apples on the East Coast as well as developing relationships, embracing innovation, and utilizing the best technology for packing and shipping apples.

On top of its commitment to business sustainability, in the past 10 years, Rice Fruit has also committed to its environmental protection and sustainability. Starting with a green roof on a controlled atmosphere storage building, then solar panels, the company recently began a pilot project featuring a pollinator garden behind the packing facility.

We can’t wait to see what the next century has in store for Rice Fruit Company. Cheers to 110 years!

Rice Fruit Company