River Point Farms Shows ANUK its Growing Operations

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Fri. August 14th, 2015 - by Brian LaForce

HERMISTON, OR - From planting to harvest to storage and packaging and more, members from all across the River Point Farms team gave AndNowUKnow an exclusive look behind the scenes of the company’s onion operations. 

River Point Farms' Dammer

Bob Hale, CEO, River Point Farms, Delbert Gehrke, V.P. of Farming, River Point Farms, Jason Myers, Farm Manager, River Point Farms, and Bill Dean, V.P. of Quality Assurance & Sustainability all joined us to give their insights about each step of the onion growing process, as well as River Point’s water conservation efforts, which we previously covered in a full article.

Bob Hale, CEO, River Point Farms

“We take application of our water very seriously. It’s a precious natural resource. We have been nationally recognized for our water conservation efforts, with our low pressure, center pivot sprinklers, and low impact sprinkler systems,” said CEO Bob Hale. 

River Point Farms Pump Station

River Point Farms is certified Non-GMO and is also certified Pesticide and Residue-free for all onions that the company grows.

For details on more of River Point Farms’ growing and irrigation processes, watch the full, short video above.

River Point Farms