San Miguel Announces Bob Cummings as New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Tue. February 20th, 2018 - by Geneva Hutcheson

OXNARD, CA – San Miguel Produce, Inc. has announced that Bob Cummings will join the San Miguel Produce, Inc. family as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Jan Berk, COO, San Miguel Produce“We have known Bob from the industry for many years and are excited to bring him aboard,” said COO Jan Berk, in a press release. “His passion is a great fit for our company culture and we believe that his leadership and experience will help our family farm reach its strategic goals.”

Cummings made the lateral transfer from meat to produce 18 years ago. During his time in the meat industry, Cummings worked for Hormel, Con-Agra, and Farmland Foods (now under the name of Smithfield Foods). Cummings began work in the produce industry when he moved to Reichel Foods. For the last 11 years, Cummings has worked at Crunch Pak.

San Miguel Swiss Chard

San Miguel hopes that Cummings' long history with produce and the food production industry in general will help drive innovative sales and marketing programs as San Miguel Produce furthers its vision of The Growing Standard of Greens.

San Miguel Produce, Inc.