Sbrocco International Kicks Off 2021 Summer Citrus Season; Maclaren Oglesby Comments

Thu. June 10th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

MT LAUREL TOWNSHIP, NJ - If soaring citrus sales are top of mind this summer, look no further. Sbrocco International has officially kicked off its 2021 summer citrus season, and is gearing up to arm its retail partners with numerous opportunities to collect shopper dollars across the category.

Maclaren Oglesby, Sales Manager, Sbrocco International"I don't think we'll ever forget what the middle of March was like last year, and it just continued through the entire summer," said Maclaren Oglesby, Sales Manager at Sbrocco. "We don't expect that same level of category acceleration, but we do expect that there is a new base level for citrus in the summertime. It was an entirely unique opportunity to let consumers know how good the fruit is from South America."

With the help of its grower partners in Chile, Peru, and Argentina, the supplier is looking to continue last year's momentum on its Navels, Easy Peelers, and Cara Cara oranges, as the company wrote in a recent release. In addition, the grower is also building on the success of its beloved "Good 4 U" brand, which features a visually exciting, consistent, colored approach and meets the finest packing standards.

"The Good 4 U brand provides a destination experience for our retailers, because customers can come in and know exactly what they are getting with label clarity, consistency, and continuity on shelf," said Oglesby.

Sbrocco International recently kicked off its 2021 citrus season, looking to continue last year’s momentum on its Navels, easy-peelers, Cara Cara oranges, and its popular "Good 4 U" brand (Photo Credit: Jason Varney)

The first of the company's Easy Peelers from Chile are officially available now through the rest of the season. Peruvian arrivals will start with the Tango and W. Murcott varieties in mid-July. With overall volume looking strong out of South America, the grower is reporting an abundance of promotable opportunities for the summer—setting retailers up for success throughout the entire season.

"Last year, online and click-and-collect orders accelerated at a phenomenal pace for our retail partners, especially those who had invested early in this sales channel," said Oglesby. "The feedback from both their private and public platforms was phenomenal, and we are excited to help them to continue growing their sales in this important category."

To meet the need for eco-friendly packaging in the produce department, Sbrocco is continuing the use of its sustainable film for its bagged citrus, in which both the film and netting are made from recyclable polyethylene, which launched during the 2020 citrus season. In addition to this offering, Sbrocco will also be exploring the use of biodegradable film for the future.

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