Sev-Rend Introduces Stand-Up Pouches to Packaging Offerings

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Fri. August 11th, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

COLLINSVILLE, IL - Sev-Rend Packaging has its eyes on strategy for its newest product debut. The High-Performance packaging provider has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to introduce new stand-up pouch bags to the Sev-Rend repertoire.

Rob Williams, CEO, Sev-Rend Packaging“Adding custom pouches to our product line allows Sev-Rend to not only service new customers, but also to help supply existing customers with another packaging vehicle,” CEO Rob Williams shared. “This move aids to assist our current customer base along with allowing us to penetrate new commodity markets.”

Sev-Rend's Clear-View Stand Up Pouch Bag

Sev-Rend’s goal with the new pouches is to focus on consumer pack sizing and custom-sized pouches that can be made project/customer-specific. According to a press release, the demand for pouches as a packaging vehicle has been growing rapidly over the past several years, and Sev-Rend’s vertically integrated manufacturing process helps the company to provide them without hindering either lead times or quality. As pouch bags become a preferred packaging type for many commodities, Sev-Rend seeks to answer that demand as a local source with quicker lead times.

In addition to its packaging offerings, Sev-Rend also provides its clients with a Research & Development division that specializes in specialized packaging development solutions. The company explained that by offering its own pouch manufacturing capabilities, Sev-Rend is able to answer the growing need for specialized pouches. One such item that helps meet this need is the Clear-View Pouch, launched at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit, that offers opaque front and back panel with a clear view bottom for produce viewing.

Sev-Rend's Newest Stand-Up Pouch With Clear-View

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