Side Delights® Offers Shoppers Potato Recipes and Reasons to Be Thankful This Holiday; Kathleen Triou Discusses

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Thu. November 11th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - The holidays are fast approaching, and shoppers are busting out their recipe books and collections to figure out how to make their Grandma’s Signature Mashed Potatoes. While every family whips them up differently—my friend is adamant on using mayonnaise—I’m positive your shoppers are always on the lookout for easy tips and tricks to dress up their holiday dishes. Side Delights® is adding a bit of pizzazz to the table spread with Thanksgiving recipes and reminders to give thanks, especially during these trying times.

Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Solutions Network“This recent time of crisis has reminded us of reasons to be thankful, such as our health, our time, and even the occasional indulgence,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Solutions Network. “This Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some simple ways to celebrate the holiday with new reasons to be thankful and recipes to go with them.”

Thanksgiving is a crucial season for retailers. The holiday’s origins date back 400 years to 1621. President Abraham Lincoln declared the national holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863, noted the release, proclaiming “a day of Thanksgiving and Praise” during the middle of the Civil War with a “feast” for the soldiers.

Side Delights® is adding a bit of pizzazz to the table spread with Thanksgiving recipes and reminders to give thanks during the holiday season

As consumers gather in homes, sharing dishes both homemade or made with a little helping hand, the top 25 Thanksgiving-related grocery categories account for 81 percent of the $2.2 billion pre-Thanksgiving increase in grocery sales, the company reports.

So, what better way to inspire goodwill and thankfulness than through food? Side Delights has a few suggestions for consumers to be thankful for this year with alternatives to the quintessential mashed potatoes.

Side Delights is encouraging impulse purchases by inspiring shoppers to liven up traditional mashed potatoes this year, such as its Quick and Healthy Spinach and Bacon Mashed Potatoes

Although the classic is often an accompaniment, I’m sure shoppers wouldn’t think twice to add potatoes onto their shopping lists. Tried and true recipes like the Classic Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes are a mainstay, but Side Delights has a few twists to liven up the bowl and entice shoppers to splurge on a few more impulse purchases. Display these little reminders in your aisles:

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to cross-merchandise unique and interesting pairings to bring a little differentiation to the shopping cart. AndNowUKnow will continue to report on the latest in the industry, so keep a tab open.

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