Sollum Technologies Expands Smart LED Lighting Solution at Allegro Acres; Louis Brun and Gene Ingratta Discuss

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Fri. November 12th, 2021
- by Lilian Diep     

QUÉBEC, CANADA - This week is one of strengthened partnerships and milestones met. In its largest-ever rollout of its smart LED lighting solution, Sollum Technologies has partnered with greenhouse grower Allegro Acres to expand its LED-lit operations from four to 12 acres.

Louis Brun, Chief Executive Officer, Sollum Technologies“Sollum’s smart LED lighting solution gives greenhouse growers unparalleled, real time, and remote control of their lighting and opens unprecedented opportunities for the horticultural industry,” said Sollum Chief Executive Officer Louis Brun. “Year-round production is one of the benefits, which also include improving growers’ productivity and adaptability, increasing Canadian food autonomy, and strengthening local economies.”

Allegro Acres’ expanded operation utilizes more than 12,000 smart lighting fixtures connected to Sollum’s SUN as a Service® cloud platform, a press release stated. The video linked here gives us a closer view of the solution.

Sollum Technologies recently rolled out its largest ever smart LED lighting solution, helping greenhouse grower Allegro Acres expand its LED-lit operations from four to 12 acres

The project is supported, in part, through the Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative, which is a cost-share program funded by the Ontario Government and delivered by the Agricultural Adaptation Council, on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

Allego Acres will be connecting Sollum's SUN as a Solution® cloud platform to its more than 12,000 smart lighting fixtures

“With this expansion, now even more Canadians will be able to enjoy fresh, locally grown peppers all winter long,” said Gene Ingratta, President of Allegro Acres. “We were so pleased with last year’s harvest of winter-produced peppers, which was the first ever in Canada using LED lighting technology, that we decided to triple our acreage. Sollum’s solution was a big part of our success, and there was no question that it was going to be part of our plans going forward.”

As we continue to see LED technology take over the greenhouse space, keep an eye out for the latest reports from ANUK.

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