Sun Pacific® Launches #SnackMadness Marketing Campaign for Cuties® Brand

Wed. April 3rd, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

PASADENA, CA - Bracket blues might have quite a few basketball fans down—particularly those of us who picked Duke, Kentucky, and Gonzaga to make it to the final four—but Sun Pacific has just the cure. In a new marketing campaign for its iconic Cuties® brand, Sun Pacific® is introducing retailers and consumers to #SnackMadness, a competition that only has winners, so long as grocery carts are filled to the rim with Cuties!

Kate Reeb, Director of Marketing, Sun Pacific®“March Madness is a major cultural event that coincides with Cuties’ peak season—it’s perfect timing,” Kate Reeb, Director of Marketing, told me about Sun Pacific’s latest campaign. “To engage with Gen Z and college-aged consumers, Sun Pacific tipped off March Madness with its own take on the phenomena: an Instagram video and a series of giveaways happening throughout the tournament. This perfectly fits in with Sun Pacific’s newly revamped Instagram strategy that has also included the likes of a Sweeter with You campaign for Valentine’s Day and a Spring Break promotional giveaway.”

The video first dropped on March 22, at the start of March Madness. Kate explained that, with its new video, Sun Pacific wanted to showcase not only Cuties' position as a marketing leader in the citrus category, but also elevate the brand as a relevant snacking choice for any and all by targeting a wider consumer base beyond just parents.

“Cuties is aggressively investing in social media communities to connect with shoppers and build brand loyalty. Data tells us that videos perform extremely well on social media, yet it can be costly and is not leveraged by fresh produce brands nearly as often as photos. If you look at the engagement numbers of this video versus Instagram video content of other fresh produce brands, it is clear we struck a nerve with Instagram users and have been successful in capturing their attention and earning their engagement,” Kate noted. “This is a winning strategy for building our Cuties community, and we are seeing a much deeper engagement with our fans as a result.”

As March Madness comes to an end this weekend, Kate hinted at the next big thing that consumers and retailers will be seeing from Sun Pacific and Cuties.

“Please stay tuned to the next months of the season as we create and distribute the content Cuties fans are connecting with on social platforms,” Kate concluded.

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