SunFed's Gretchen Kreidler Austin and Frank Camera Talk Mexico's Squash Season

Tue. November 27th, 2018
- by Jordan Okumura     

HERMOSILLO, MEXICO - SunFed’s squash season in Sonora and Sinaloa is well underway as we move through one of the major peak times of year: the holidays. The company harvests in Sonora all season long, but early fall, all shipping comes from Hermosillo, Mexico.

Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director Marketing and Business Development, and Frank Camera, Director of Sales, join me to talk shop about what we can expect moving forward with the remainder of 2019.

Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director of Marketing & Business Development, SunFed“Production from the Hermosillo region is finishing up and supplies are sparse. We transition to our winter growing regions of Guaymas in southern Sonora, and Guamúchil in Sinaloa, last week of November and move into the first week of December,” Frank tells me.

SunFed is currently shipping yellow squash, zucchini, and gray squash (aka Calabacita), and the team grows all three varieties—zucchini, yellow squash, and gray squash in its Hermosillo growing regions of Selva and Orebalma. When the company moves into strictly winter production, the team only grows zucchini and yellow squash in Guaymas, and in Guamúchil SunFed grows all its winter production for yellow and some zucchini and gray.

SunFed harvests its squash in Sonora all season long, but come early fall, all shipping comes from Hermosillo, Mexico

At this point, we turn to the market, the ever-dynamic situation of supply and demand.

“We are coming to the end of a glut in production, cooler nights set in about a few weeks ago and it has really shortened the overall supply as there is less product that is available and demand has picked up—markets are sure to increase,” Gretchen notes.

Frank Camera, Director of Sales, SunFedFrank explains that, “the plants have become tired from producing since mid-September and the cool weather slows the production of the squash, so that is where those tightening SunFed supplies are coming from. Squash likes bright skies, whether it be sun or full moon, and warm temperatures.”

For all-things squash, stay tuned in to AndNowUKnow. And Happy Holidays!